How to Grow your Virtual Assistant Business with Associates

the only guide on the market that shows you how to grow your business by taking on associates and ultimately make more money

Are you having to turn clients away?

Can you not physically work any more hours? 

Are you burning yourself out with all your work?

Are you having to let things slide to keep up with other stuff?

Are you ready to increase your income?

Do you want to earn some real passive income?

I was exactly where you are. Today I have a team of associates who work with me, allowing me to sit back and spend time where it’s needed the most.

I’ve shared everything you need to know to get there too in my written guide – the ONLY one on the market – and it’s yours for just £29.

How to Grow your Virtual Assistant Business with Associates

It’s time you started doing what you encourage your clients to do…

Outsource so you have more time!

What’s Covered in the Guide?

 Everything you need to know…

  • When is the right time to take on an associate
  • How to find your associate/s
  • What to outsource
  • Doing your due diligence
  • What you may need to provide your associate with
  • Agreements – what I recommend
  • What to pay your associates
  • How to manage your relationship with the associate
  • How to encourage potential clients to work with an associate
  • How to convert enquiries
  • How to manage client / associate relationship
  • How to move existing clients to associates
  • Let go, you little control freak you
  • Should you promote your associates?

EVERYTHING you need to successfully go from solo VA to having associates work with you.

Remember, this guide is written by me. I am still a VA, I have a team of associates and my business runs without me when my health takes a turn for the worse.

It covers all you need to make this transition a huge success.

What’s the Return on my £29 Investment?


I love this question and I think it’s so important to not only know what you’re getting for your money (see guide content) but also how it will change your life / business.

Before I had my fourth brain tumour I did a lot of group and 1:1 mentoring. Helping people just like you to grow their Virtual Assistant business from solo VA to having their first associate.

Each of my mentees went on and, on average, have at least trebled their income. And you can too. I promise.

I’ve consilidated all of what I used to teach, 1:1 and in a group setting, into this written guide so you can grow your business too.

To go back an answer the question, your return on investment could be to at least treble your income if you implement all of my advice.

‘I’ve been wanting to start working with associates for about a year but didn’t know how to let go, how to tell clients, etc. Catherine covers everything in this guide and a week after buying it I’ve taken on my first associate!’

Louise Thomas

Are There Any More Benefits to The Guide?

Hell yeah!

By expanding your business this way you also:

  • Help others get their VA business off the ground. You remember how hard it is to get started at the beginning, right? Everyone needs an opportunity.
  • Have back up clients if you ever lose any of your own, e.g. take clients back from your associates at any time.
  • Have a business that is sustainable, i.e. income continues to come in even if you have to step away.


No more trying to work all the hours, fitting people in last minute and feeling overwhelmed.

How long do I need to read and implement everything?

You could read it all over a large mug of hot chocolate or, if you’re like me, and are a note taker, you’ll take half a day to read and digest it.

Implementation? That’s up to you. Again, if you’re like me you could do it in a weekend. But you take as long as you like.

Does the guide include contracts / agreements?

No. The guide is £29! What do you want for your money? Haa.

But, I work with KoffeeKlatch and recommend their agreements. Get yours here.

How is the guide delivered?

There will be a download link in your email receipt and I’ll also send a separate automated email via my email marketing software with a link in too.

The guide is in PDF format, black and white to make it easier if you want to print it.

Will this just be another guide I don't do anything with?

I hope not.

If you’ve read anything I’ve ever put together (my books or other downloads) you’ll know that I never use jargon and everything is easy to follow and implement, with a bit of fun added too. This is no different.

I like to make learning fun and enjoyable.

Who is this guide for?

For anyone running their VA business who wants to grow their business, either now or in the future, by taking on associates.

What equipment will I need to download the guide??

I recommend you view the PDF on a laptop as it’s easier than a smartphone – but that might just be me!

What is your refund policy?

As the guide is delivered electronically immediately no refunds can be given. This is in accordance with UK government guidelines on digital products.

Are you still thinking things like this?

‘There’s so much to think about when taking on associates’

I hear you! I’ve been there and I’ve listened to other’s worries. That’s why I’ve left no question unanswered in this guide.

‘None of my current client work can be outsourced’

That’s common. The course covers how to hand new clients over to your associates as well as how to move existing clients over.

‘I tried before to hand new clients over to an associate but they just want to work with me’

I share with you the five main points that you need to tell potential clients when you have that initial call to ensure they don’t run off when they realise it’s not you they’ll be working with.

‘I’ve heard of VAs being ripped off by associates’

Yep, it happens and it happened to me too. This is why I have created ‘before introduction’ agreements and have a solid process in place – again, this is all shared with you in the guide. I share the story of the rogue associate I had to deal with in the guide too! 

What you need to do to reach your business goals - an analogy

Enough is enough!

Let’s get you working less but earning much much more.

About the Author


Hi! I’m Catherine Gladwyn, a multi-award winning #1 bestselling author of two business books, a VA and a business mentor.

In 2018 The Independent newspaper listed my first book as one of ten best business books written by women and since then I have gone on to be featured in many national publications including The Guardian, Business Insider, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, etc.

Since becoming a business owner I have ruffled a few feathers by sharing my knowledge and expertise to help others create a profitable, sustainable and fun working life that gives you the lifestyle you deserve. This guide is the best step to create a sustainable passive income.

Catherine x


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