1:1 Business Growth Accelerator Programme for Virtual Assistants


Here's who I won't get results for as their mentor

Hey you!

My 1:1 mentoring is currently on hold indefinitely due to treatment for a recurring brain tumour.

If you want to know how I run my business and still maintain an income, even when life gets in the way, then for now grab a copy of my second Amazon bestseller The 20% Rule.

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Catherine x

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Is this you right now?


  • Want to bring in more money without working more hours?
  • Want to charge more but confidence and self doubt hold you back
  • Desperate for a strategy to ensure your content marketing and funnels are all working for you? 
  • Eager to work with someone who is where you want to be, not someone who claims to be all the things but has no proof? 
  • Ready to work fewer hours without affecting your income?
  • Want the right leads and enquiries, no more time wasters?

Let’s turn all that around in 70 days

How would you like this:


  • Confidence to charge exactly what you’re worth.
  • More income.
  • Less overwhelm.
  • Greater clarity on what you do and the change you make for your clients.
  • A waiting list of clients.
  • Clear messaging for all your content marketing.
  • Methods to constantly build a relevant audience – a stream of potential clients – in the background.
  • Working to your rules within your boundaries.

I am currently working with Catherine as my mentor on a 1:1 basis, and I don’t want our time together to end! She has made such an effort to get to know me and how my business fits in with my family life, and uses that knowledge to help me grow and develop further. She is great at pushing me further out of my comfort zone, but recognising the challenges that may arise from this too.

Catherine is a supporter of people. She really cares. She doesn’t just look like she’s interested in your business, she really IS interested, and uses that to enable her to mentor many different types of people to run successful, sustainable businesses.’

Since starting to work with Catherine, my turnover has increased by an incredible 95%! I am at capacity for taking on new work, have a waiting list and have hired my own VA support to enable me to work more efficiently.

Kelly Kemp

Online Course and Membership Strategist | WordPress Expert

Let me tell you something about me…

As an Addison’s disease sufferer, a grower of pituitary (base of brain) tumours and a seasoned virtual assistant I know everything there is to know about not only streamlining your business but having to streamline your business. My illnesses dictate that it is impossible for me to work more than 4/5 hours a day. 

I help people streamline their business, focus on what’s going to bring in the money, lose the debris and achieve growth in profit, leads, confidence and more – but all without any overwhelm. 

I’m not teaching you from luck I am teaching you from a place where I have had to create my business to work in a streamlined, non overwhelming way. It’s why what I teach will work for you too. Let’s do this…

What do I get for my investment?

Good question…


And how do I deliver this?

  • Fortnightly 1:1 Zoom calls with me.
  • Tasks to complete after every call.
  • Support via email in-between calls.

Prior to working with Catherine I was not really enjoying my businesses, I was working with lots of clients who gave me work that wasn’t really my thing, and it was dragging me down. 

During my journey with Catherine as a member of The Expert Membership and more recently as one of her 1:1 mentees I have…

🔥 consistently earn triple the income I was previously and continuing to grow
🔥 feel confident to charge my worth
🔥 evolved from a VA into an email marketing and FB ads expert
🔥 charge and get more than I thought I could ever bring into the business
🔥 increased my confidence

It’s been massively influential in the success of my business and I’d 100 million percent recommend working with Catherine to anyone, who is serious about improving their business.

Meg Small

Email Marketing and FB Ads Strategist

You’re not quite ready for this 70 day programme if…


  • You make excuses instead of using that time to do.
  • You are not willing to implement advice.
  • You don’t see the relevance of investing in your business.
  • You take advice from your sister’s husband’s niece who’s never even run her own business.


A little bit more about me


I’m not defined by my Addison’s disease. I’m a multi-award winning #1 bestselling author and business mentor. My clients’ get results, feel less overwhelmed and have businesses that stand the test of time.

I work with people who implement and can’t even say the word ‘excuse’. I’m aware more than most that life can get in the way sometimes, but I am also aware we put obstacles in our own way because of fear, or as a way to procrastinate.

In 2001 I qualified as an FE lecturer and continue to use all I learnt to impart the knowledge I have from successfully running my own businesses that grow year on year.

I don’t talk about what I earn, it’s irrelevant. The important thing is ‘what do you want to earn’ because this mentoring is about you – not me! 

We’ll work together to get you more profit, more leads, more confidence and less overwhelm.

Catherine Gladwyn Recommended Expert Business Mentor Proven Success for Small Service Based Business Owners

Here’s some of what we cover in the 70 days…

The Foundations

Confidence and mindset

Messaging and content marketing

Nurturing your leads with success

Audience and list building


I wanted to let you know that I just invoiced €4441 this month! I am very proud of myself!

Obviously it’s massive thanks to you as always, would never have got this far without you. 

Virtual Assistant

Some Questions You Might Have

When do we start?

Within two weeks of your first payment or deposit.

Exciting, huh?

What's involved?

We’ll ‘meet’ via Zoom once a fortnight over 10 weeks. After every call you’ll have some non overwhelming tasks to do before our next call. You’ll have access to me outside our calls – for free – via email.

Attending the calls
Calls that are cancelled with less than 72 hours notice may not be easily re-scheduled as I limit the calls I do every week. If you cancel any calls and it means we go beyond the six weeks this may incur additional costs.

Arriving late for calls may mean you lose out on time as I may not always be able to stay on later than the arranged finish time.

What's the time commitment outside the calls?

I won’t ever give you too much to do. I am all about not giving people any overwhelm. We’ll always cover as much as we can in a call, but there will inevitably be things for you to do on your own. Everything I give you to do will be for a reason, which will be explained at the time.

What happens at the end of the 70 days?

There’s a fortnight of email support available afterwards and other options to continue working with me, which we can discuss at the end.

What successes have other people had?

As well as the testimonials dotted throughout this page, there are a few case studies here and also a dedicated success page here.

Refund and cancellation policy
A lot of work goes into planning for each call and my methods are not from a template. I work with everyone as an individual – no one size fits all. Therefore, cancellations will not get you a full refund.
Contacting me outside of our calls

I am not just here for you during our calls, that would be hard work for you. This is why you have access to me, outside our calls, via email.

Got some more questions?

Email me here > [email protected].uk and we’ll book in a 20 minute call.

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