Many of those I mentor first come to me when they’re working all the hours in their business doing everything some other ‘expert’ has sold them / told them they must do; like start a podcast, build a course, host endless free webinars, run a free Facebook group, etc, but now they’re stuck. They can’t grow because they’re too busy and overwhelmed.

So, along I come and completely rip up their to-do list.


Given my success as a business owner and mentor – I am able to see where things needs to change to enable you to focus on only the relevant things that will help you to grow your business and your wealth, without overwhelm.

Often the things we’re spending our time on are ‘nice’ or perceived to be the right thing (I’m not judging, I’ve been there too!) but often it’s not getting us any closer to our goals, in fact it’s often taking us away!

What does a business mentor do to help you find focus?

A business mentor gets to know you and your business as the individual you are and works with you to focus on your goals and dreams. A mentor isn’t like a coach, a coach tends to allow you to make the decisions by directing clever questions your way, whereas a mentor (me) gives you solid tried and tested advice for you to implement that I know is going to work.

There’s no one size fits all, so there’s no book on this that can get you where you need to be and that’s why working with a mentor is ideal if you’re someone who loves to have the direction, guidance and quick answers to achieve your dreams.

However, there’s always one mentee every so often who I can’t help.

When isn’t a business mentor the right choice?

Success isn’t for everyone

My mentees have a high success rate, each of them smash what they set out to achieve and more.

But sometimes – not very often – a mentee doesn’t achieve and there’s a common trait with those.

  1. They don’t implement advice – they continue doing what they were doing before they started working with me and wonder why they haven’t seen any change.
  2. They don’t ask questions or ask for advice – how will I know where they are if they don’t let me know how they’re progressing, what their dilemma is?
  3. They don’t show up for the group calls or masterminds or get involved in discussions – you need to be constantly learning as a business owner and all my teachings are relevant to business growth.

The theme here? They didn’t quite expect they’d have to actually do some work to grow their business and earn more money.

I don’t do the work for you, instead I guide you to what you need to be doing to reach your individual goals and I do that with my 1:1 Business Accelerator Growth Programme for £1750. Perfect for those who want results in 90 days.


More Money – More Leads – More Confidence – More Time

It’s rather bold of me to say but I’ve noticed that all those who have that mindset of not bothering to actually implement and go it alone don’t go any further in business. They remain stuck.

Do nothing and nothing changes!