Kate Durrant and I work together as mentee and mentor and, to date, it’s been an amazing journey to be on with her.

As a mentor I want my mentees to do well, their success is my success in a way, right?

Kate wanted to have her business in a position financially where it enabled her to give up her full time employed job and she did it!

Now, while I can give my mentees the guidance, advice and tools to get where they want to be it’s ultimately down to them to implement it to see the changes, which is what Kate does and in return she’s:

  • Replaced the income from her full time job
  • Charges and gets almost 50% more than she used to
  • Went from £400 a month to £2k a month
  • Works just ten hours a week for clients
  • And more… but you’ll have to watch the video

And something she told me off camera… doesn’t have to people! I can relate to that one. Working virtually, running your own business and choosing who you work with is so achievable.

Whatever stage your service based business is at whether it’s an idea or you’re earning £5k a month, I can help you get more leads, more profit, more confidence and more time.

Here’s Kate’s story >>

You can find out more about Kate over on her website.