Before anyone starts a mentoring programme with me, they fill in a short questionnaire so I know where they are now and where they hope to be so that every session is focused on those goals.

This is what Meg hoped to achieve:

✔️ Clarity on her direction
✔️ Getting more, relevant, leads (no time wasters, please)
✔️ More self confidence
✔️ An extra £1k a month

I’d had the pleasure of working with Meg in a group mentoring environment so knew this was going to be rewarding for me too because Meg’s an implementor.

We started at the obvious, upping her prices. She’s absolutely superb at what she does but was charging below what she was worth.

Now, it’s all very well me saying ‘up your prices’ but you need to believe you’re worth it, so I helped Meg with her confidence and mindset. I’ve worked on this with many people so I know how to make this work.

Meg upped her package prices considerably and we reviewed the sales page for them too.

We also spent time going through the pain points her services solve and as a result of that

Meg has real clarity on her offering, her target market and could further see that the new prices were indeed right.

We then worked on her social media content and sales page content so we were speaking to the right people and in turn would get relevant leads.

Since we started working together Meg has:

🔥 Sold three packages at £550. They were previously £300 and she’d not sold that many.
🔥 Sold 4-5 Power Hours at £75 in less than 10 weeks, which were previously £60. They’re now going up to £97.
🔥 Brought in more money by selling some of her one off / ad hoc services too.
🔥 Brought in an extra £1k a month.

💥 Meg has recouped the price of my 1:1 mentoring and then some!

As if that wasn’t enough, Meg also now has:

→ More enquiries – which are from relevant potentials.
→ A bigger relevant audience.
→ Sign ups to her lead magnets.
→ Consistent visibility online with relevant content that speak to her ideal target audience.
→ A social media content bank – with clear direction on how she can add to it easily.
→ Won an award!
→ Takes Friday afternoons off!

Meg’s loved it and I have too.

Who’s Meg? Is she real? Yep, she sure is >>

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