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The Expert Membership

If You Want To Really Grow Your Business

You Need To Be Seen As The Expert!

And That’s Where The Expert Membership Comes In.

You want and you deserve a business where:

Quality new client leads come to you – you’re not constantly doing the chasing for new clients

You stop wasting your time with leads that don’t convert – no more free time wasting ‘discovery’ calls

You no longer negotiate your price – ever – in fact people don’t even dare ask for a discount

You are seen as an expert – the one people think of when someone wants what you offer

You no longer feel overwhelmed because you’ll only focus on things that get you closer to your goals

You have multiple relevant income streams

Your business is profitable – so much so you’re able to treat yourself instantly to things you’d have previously had to save for

You’re surrounded by a community of likeminded people who achieve and want you to achieve too

Hosted by me, Catherine Gladwyn, I will guide you to become the expert in your field by helping you focus on areas that will get you where you need to be, ensuring that you are the one people head to for your specific services.

No more fannying about with online courses and 5 day challenges if they’re not going to help you meet your goals.

I get to know every member and help you design a roadmap – that’s not overwhelming – to achieve your goals for a safe, sustainable and profitable business.

I hold you accountable and I take no excuses.

If someone wants what you sell, everyone will think of you!


A Clear Goal/s

We’re all winging it from time to time, but having clear goals makes it so much more achievable, avoids overwhem and makes it so much easier to focus. I said … focus! 

Comfort Zone

All comfort zones will be drawn with a pencil, I’ll continue to push you through your blocks if it’s something that’s going to help grow your business, I’ll also pull you away from things that won’t.

Income Streams

You’ll see how to create various relevant income streams that work, that are sustainable, that sell, that people want to buy! No one thing fits everyone and I’ll steer you away from the latest fad if it isn’t going to work for your business.


Imposter syndrome, whatever you want to call it – those self limiting beliefs that you can’t. Look, if others can there’s absolutely sod all that says you can’t. So, I am here to build your confidence so you can go forward.

Bank Of Leads

You’ll continuously work on your bank of leads and potential clients, in a variety of ways, with ease – some you may never have even considered.

Your Time Is Money

You’ll start appreciating that your time is money and others will too. In fact, people won’t even dare ask for a discount anymore. They’ll know you mean business.


It’s a small world they say, but it seems huge when you’re trying to find clients, doesn’t it. I work with everyone to get clear on their marketing, where to focus their time and equally important, where not!


You’ll no longer feel paralysed or tongue tied by content and know exactly what to say to ensure your messaging is consistent, relevant and attracting the right people.

This membership community and all its resources will help you focus on what matters; the things that will help you grow your business and be seen as the expert.



To ensure you reach that expert level, you’ll be encouraged to make weekly pledges on what you hope to achieve in the week ahead and then one of us will check in mid week to see how you’re getting on and support you where needed.

Expert’s Hour

You, me and your fellow members, will get together once every six weeks via Zoom to talk through everything and anything business related. From accountability and referrals to growth planning and getting new clients, nothing is off the table and these sessions will inspire you to keep on track.

Power Hour

You’ll receive one, one hour 1:1 call with me (annual members) or 20 minute 1:1 call (monthly members) so I can see where you are and where you want to be, which will ensure that my advice and support is always relevant to you.


I’ve created a bank of resources (templates, guide, masterminds, etc.) which cover Marketing, Selling, Branding, PR, Audience Growth, Well-Being, Quick Wins, Expert Status, but the best bit… they’re designed to make an impact. There are four resources under each section – too many and it becomes overwhemling. Everything is designed to get you to Expert Status and become the one people think of when someone needs what you offer.

Expert Masterclasses

Regular sessions from me and other industry experts will be held to teach you a range of skills that will help move your business forward. The best bit, you won’t be sold to, you’ll just be learning. Here’s who’s booked.

Access To Experts

Five days a week me and the team will be on hand in the private community (Facebook group) to help you keep focused and make progress – we’re there to answer every question. Everything is relevant.

Email Round Ups

If you’re busy being the expert you need to be and worry about missing any of the best bits, we’ve got that covered. A round up to you by email with a synopsis of what’s happened, what you need to be doing, what’s coming up and what your fellow members have been up to.

Expert Directory Listing

The biggest thing is to make you the expert, the person people go to when they need your specific service. So you’ll be added to the member’s exclusive directory so people find you when they need what you sell.

Virtual Co-Working

One hour every Sunday evening everyone gets together via Zoom – with all mics turned off – to get stuff off their to-do list ready for the week ahead. It’s a strange concept if you’ve not come across it before, but oh boy does it work well. You’ll be so productive in that hour and the new week starts with less, or no, overwhelm. You’ll love these sessions so much.


Private Community Group

Over on Facebook – it’s engaged but not overwhelming so you remain focused and making progress in your business. 



The Chat Room with Catherine Gladwyn

Expert’s Hour


Not got time for the Facebook community? That’s okay, come along to the regular chat room membership calls to share your wins and woes, and get answers to your dilemmas.
Even if you are a regular contributor to the Facebook community you’ll benefit hugely from these ‘face to face’ Zoom calls as it’s the number one way for people to get to know you and feel confident in referring you!

Expert Masterclasses


Every few weeks an expert in various fields will host a Zoom call for members to teach / share their expertise. Things that will enhance your business and help it grow.

You won’t be sold to, you won’t be spoken at, you’ll learn. I’ll be the one paying them for their time. Find out who’s booked here.

The Chat Room with Catherine Gladwyn

Say Again?


You’ll receive regular round ups via email of everything that’s been imparted in the membership so you never feel left out or like you’ve missed something important.
Everything will be minimalised in easy to digest snippets so you are never overwhelmed.



You’re an established service-based business owner who’s been running their business for 12+ months and bringing in an average of £3k per month.

You know that your business has to be safe, sustainable and profitable to thrive, but you feel overwhelmed by everything you perceive you need to do to get to that point.

You’re wasting time on things like free challenges, creating endless passive income streams, reducing prices, ‘pivoting’ and whatever the next shiny object is that grabs your attention, but they aren’t getting you anywhere.

  • Reliant on too few clients and don’t know how to get recurring hot leads
  • Reliant on too few income streams or too many and none are selling
  • Unable to keep up with marketing and keeping your clients happy
  • Fearful that everything could disappear overnight as the business isn’t sustainable
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed which leads to procrastination – you’re not accountable to anyone
  • You’re not seen as the expert in your field – people go to someone else over you
  • You know things need to change but either don’t know where to start or can’t seem to find the focus
  • If you’re willing to implement my advice to the letter and you’re a hard worker, I can help you at least treble your income and have a waiting list of clients ready to work with you!

No more frantic searches for new clients as one project finishes, no more asking for referrals, no more lead magnets that lead nowhere.

You’ll be seen as the expert in your field and the one people think of when someone needs what you offer.

When you join The Expert Membership, we will firstly have a 1:1 call to define your goals so I can clearly see where you want to be and why. Next, you’ll work with me and your peers on the following things:

  1. Messaging, marketing and services: we’ll ensure that you’re consistently presenting yourself to the right people and getting well-known for what you do.\
  2. Multiple income streams: setting up various streams for income which not only complement your services but will actually sell.
  3. Audience building on social media: ensure you have a constantly growing group of ideal clients to potentially sell your services to.
  4. PR: not a ’look what she did’ in the Daily Mail – we’ll be working with PR experts to get you out there, so you can have ‘featured in’ logos on your website.

If you welcome accountability and direction from someone who only imparts what she’s tried and tested herself, you’re highly likely to at least treble your income 6-12 months of joining The Expert Membership.

Past clients have seen an increase in their monthly income up to 670% (that is not a typo!)


My biggest issue is seeing people struggle when there is always a solution and that’s why I have evolved my services to help others grow their business and have preventative solutions in place to ensure that the worst case scenarios never happen.

I’ve built a business that is safe, sustainable and profitable.

I’ve tested it by having an involuntary four months off recovering from brain tumour surgery with no loss of income. I’ve also come through the Coronavirus pandemic without my revenue being affected.


Because I work to The 20% Rule®  and I have a variety of income streams. In addition to this, I’ve positioned myself as an expert in my field, have a supportive and flexible team and yet never work to capacity!

I’ve invested in myself over the years and see the value of doing so, the rewards always outweigh the investment, but lately I’ve been frustrated that many memberships treat their community like children, with so many rules, regulations and ‘don’t do this’ stipulations. We’re adults, we’ve built businesses and we don’t need to be led by a set of rules. We need support to achieve our goals and dreams, and we need a community of likeminded committed people around us to help us get there.

That’s what my membership offers. It’s not just another place to hang out, it’s a place where stuff gets done and goals are.

You Want To Know The Price, Don’t You?

Membership is £97.00 a month.

Secure your place today as the membership closes on 15th September 2020! 

Some Questions You Might Have

Who is the membership for?

Service based business owners who have been in business for a minimum of twelve months.

If you’re not yet a business owner you’re not quite ready.

I need people who know what’s involved in running a successful business, it’s not a quick way to make money. It takes hard work and a lot of time and you don’t really get a feel for that until you’ve been doing it for a few months, at least.

Can I pay annually?

No. I find those who pay annually don’t put the effort in as much as those who pay monthly. Almost as if, because they don’t see the money coming out they forget about their investment.

I've already launched my business, is this group for me?

Yes, 100%! In fact, it was designed for you.

I am only accepting business owners who have been in business a minimum of six months.

How long will I have access to the online resources and community?

For as long as your subscription is active.

How much time do I need to allocate to the membership?

You’ll get out what you put in. If you invest a couple of hours a week, you should start to make progress quickly. If you only dip in to the community and resources now and again your progress will be slower.

What if I join mid year?

You can join at anytime, the learning and support is not on a cycled schedule.

A bit more about that free consultation.

The FREE call when you join (20 minutes for monthly members / 1 hour for annual members) is so I can understand where your business is now, and where you want to be. This helps me to help you get there.

Sadly, it’s become necessary for me to write this extra bit… If you do not turn up for the free call / have given me less than 24 hours notice there won’t be the opportunity to re-book.

My time is just as important as yours.

What if I join and it's not for me?

Then I’ll get you in a headlock until you agree to stay! No, I won’t!

I’d be gutted to lose you as I really hope I can make a difference, but I also know I can’t please everyone. If you sign up as a monthly member, you can stop your membership at any time. If you opt for the annual fee and contact me within 30 days, I will issue a refund if you are genuinely not happy. The 30 days should not be seen as a trial period as the annual membership is for those with a genuine commitment to optimising the resources and learning. Please note that deductions may be made if you have signed up and received any free joining incentives (such as a 1-2-1 consultation, book, discount off any other products or services).  If you choose to stop your membership you will no longer have access to any of the resources.

From my own personal experience of paid memberships it takes a few months to find your feet and get into a new routine, plus nothing happens overnight!