How to Grow your Virtual Assistant Business with Associates


This is the only guide on the market that shows you, How to Grow your Virtual Assistant Business with Associates.

Have the confidence and the know how to go from solo Virtual Assistant to having at least one associate working with you.

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Is it time? Have you been thinking about taking on associates in your VA business?

Not sure how or where to start? Worried you’ll not be able to ‘let go’? Worried they’ll let you down? Worried about how to tell clients?

Maybe you’ve just started your Virtual Assistant business but know you’re going to expand and take on associates eventually and want all the knowledge now so it’s an easy process in the future. Is it possible?

Don’t worry. I’ve covered everything you need to know in this guide.

I went from solo VA to, currently, having a team of twelve associates working with me and now I share everything I know to help you do the same (or one, you can start with one associate of course)

If you’ve ever read or followed anything I’ve put together you’ll know I never overcomplicate things and ensure nothing is stressful or overwhelming. Everything is also always designed to help you bring in more money so your investment is never wasted.

This guide is no different.

Everything is easy to follow and written in an informal way so that you can easily absorb every step.

I’m here to help you grow your business, not your stress levels.

It’s yours for life and you’ll recoup that investment over and over again as soon as you build your team.

The guide takes you through 9 steps and by the end you’ll be ready, confident and excited to take on your first associate. Promise:

  • When is the right time to take on an associate
  • How to find your associate/s
  • What to outsource
  • Doing your due diligence
  • What you may need to provide your associate with
  • Agreements
  • What to pay your associates
  • How to manage your relationship with the associate
  • How to encourage potential clients to work with an associate
  • How to convert enquiries
  • How to manage client / associate relationship
  • How to move existing clients to associates
  • Let go, you little control freak you
  • Should you promote your associates?


In case you’re on the fence about taking on associates, here are a few of the benefits:

  • More income – which is largely passive
  • You get to expand your business
  • More time for you to do whatever you like
  • Help others get their VA business off the ground


Please note, this guide does not include an associate contract but I recommend you get yours from KoffeeKlatch using this link.