Before Introduction Agreements


These agreements are for use when working with associates. They are agreements for the associate/s and client to sign before any introductions are made.

This download contains the before introduction agreements I use for both client and associate.

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I made a mistake that cost me a hell of a lot of recurring income but … turned it round into a positive and am pleased to be able to share that experience with you so you don’t lose money or have the stress. 

I had an inquiry from a really high profile business owner. Really high profile. The client had approached me looking for a VA and had come to me off the back of my long standing reputation and my marketing.

The client needed someone with specific skills so off I went to find them.

I chose a lady who had been in business five years (tick) and came recommended by someone I respected and still do, he didn’t know what she’d do (tick).

Everything seemed great.

I’d confirmed everything in writing with the associate, by email, and left her to have the call with the client.

Long story short, the associate had the call with the client and offered her services cheaper than I had quoted! I know! No one saw that coming. Who even has those kinds of morals?

I therefore put together some ‘before introduction’ agreements. One for the client to sign and one for the associate to sign, before any introductions are made. 

Please note; these are NOT written by a legal expert, they’re written by me and mention things we would like to think are simply ethics; like not discussing pricing with the client, how they get paid, the hourly rate, etc,.

They’re peace of mind for me, and by asking the associate and client to read and sign them, one would hope the situation I once encountered would be avoided. I’ve certainly not had a problem since introducing them.

This download contains the before introduction agreements I use for both client and associate.