I’ve got the bug! I couldn’t wait any longer for Clubhouse to be available on Android so went and bought myself an iPad. I know, I know. No one needs another social media channel – or do they?

I say YES!

If you’re a service based small business owner Clubhouse is amazing.

✔️ I’ve built a small but relevant audience in just over two weeks; faster than I could have on any other social media platform.

✔️ I’m constantly in front of those who are leaders in the business world, people you can’t get in front of unless you slam dunk their VA.

✔️ I’ve been asked to speak in rooms with such inspiring people that I’d have never come across before.

✔️ Clubhouse hasn’t only expanded my audience but my knowledge too, in just a few weeks and that is important as a business owner, right!

But, it got me thinking… How could Clubhouse potentially be monetised by it’s users, if that’s what you’d like to do?

Seven ways you could potentially* monetise Clubhouse

  1. Transcribe room conversations for the moderators – you may need to look into your countries laws around this and likely you’ll need to let those in the room know the discussion is being transcribed.
  2. Moderate rooms on behalf of the hosts – they’re too busy answering questions to let people in and keep an eye on who wants to speak. People are already doing this, so this is 100% achievable.
  3. Promote what you sell in your bio – then make sure your bio is connected to your Twitter / Instagram account and that those accounts have a link to your website – make things easy for your potential buyers.
  4. Sponsor a room – find someone who hosts rooms that are full of your ideal audience – making sure the host’s business resonates with your own business’ ethics / beliefs – and offer to sponsor an hour or two in exchange for a number of shout outs when they ‘Reset the Room’ during the sponsorship slot.
  5. Charge for speaker slots – if you’re running a room that’s going to be really beneficial to a huge audience you might want to charge people to have the opportunity to speak on your stage.
  6. Talk about what you do for people when you have an opportunity to speak – but only mention your services if it’s relevant – no one likes a spammer!
  7. Q&A sessions – invite people to ask you anything – this is especially enticing if you’re a big name – and charge people to ask those questions.

However, probably the best way to make money from Clubhouse – if that’s what you’d like to do – is to add value. Go into rooms, or host your own rooms, and give the audience value, solve their pain points, share your stories. There’s no better way to build a relevant, engaged, warm audience than allowing them to get to know you.

Come and find me over there… @CatherineUK


*Please always check Clubhouse’s terms and conditions of use as these may change at any time. The platform is theirs and they can kick you off at any time if you flout the rules.

(featured image is from the JoinClubhouse webpage, head over there to download the app and connect with me: @CatherineUK)