Build and Grow Your Business

  • how to become a virtual assistant Catherine Gladwyn

    How to be a Virtual Assistant (paperback)

  • The 20% Rule® How to ensure your small business is safe, sustainable and profitable.

    The 20% Rule (paperback)

  • How to Package Your Services (and earn more)

    How to Create Packages for Your Business (eBook/Course)

  • 5-Step Course

    How to Create, Market and Sell Power Hours

  • Pain Points and How You Solve Them

    Pain Points Workbook

  • How to Grow your Virtual Assistant Business with Associates

    How to Grow your Virtual Assistant Business with Associates

  • Before Introduction Agreements

    Before Introduction Agreements



What's included in your courses / eBooks?

Each course is a PDF download set out into tasks for you to follow and complete in order to achieve the listed outcome.

The courses are either a combination of text and videos or just text.

Is it mine for life once purchased?

Absolutely! None of this ‘you only have access for six months’ nonsense. Everything is sent to you via PDF so you just need to keep it safe.

How do I access the eBooks / Courses

On receipt of payment the eBook / Course will either be sent to you immediately via email, or as in the case of the WordPress course I will send this manually during working hours, via WeTransfer.

What do I need to complete one of your courses?

All you need is a laptop or PC, the ability to download a PDF document, and play videos if videos are included in the course.

All of my courses are written in English UK and at the time of writing are not available in any other language.

Are you insured to train others?

Yes, I am. My insurance is with Simply Business and I am also a fully qualified post compulsory lecturer (Cert. Ed)

What's not included in the courses / eBooks?

1-2-1 calls with me and/or personal responses to your questions via social media messaging (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Personal responses to endless questions via email.

My time is money, just like yours.

If you wish to have a long chat with me or have multiple questions please book a Power Hour here.

Do I need knowledge of coding to do the WordPress course?

No, simple as that. You do not need to know any coding to complete this course. Some WordPress websites do indeed have coding and you won’t want to be working on those if asked, as it’s a whole different learning, but most don’t.

Copyright and plaigiarism

I invest a considerable amount of time and resources in creating my courses. I respectfully ask that you don’t publicly distribute this content. Please keep it for your own use. Failure to do so will impact on my ability to continue to deliver high-quality training that will add value to your business.

Any unauthorised distribution of this content or plagiarism may result in a fine of up £20k.

What is your refund policy?

You have full access to the course/eBook as soon as I send you the PDF download.

As per UK government guidelines for online and distance selling you lose your 14 day right to cancel by purchasing an instantly downloadable product.

Because of that, I don’t offer refunds for my courses.

Can I have a certificate of completion?

Only if you make it yourself 😉


If you have any complaints please, in the first instance, contact me as I am human too and will treat you with respect.

I do not welcome poor reviews if you’ve not given me the opportunity to communicate with you.

[email protected]

How will you handle my data?

Well, I’m not going to sell it am I?

I am registered with the ICO as a data controller under my registered business name: Delegate VA – Virtual Assistant Limited

You can also view my Privacy Policy which is accessible in the footer of this website.