How to Package Your Services

and earn more

The course that shows you how to turn your services into packages so you earn more money in 6 easy steps.

Do you feel like you’re going to have to invent more time to earn more?

I know how you feel.

I was there too.

But once I started packaging my services all that changed.

New client conversions became 90% and my profit increased.

Now it’s your time to have that too.

With my 6-step course – and it’s yours for just £29.

How to Package Your Services (and earn more)

How often are you asked:

How long will it take you to…?

How much will it cost for you to…?

How much capacity have you got at the moment?

Hard questions to answer, aren’t they?

Not once you start offering packages with clearly defined services and clear pricing and, you’ve guessed it, I show you how in my course…

What are the course steps?

The course guides you in 6 easy steps to:


  • How to identify what services you could package
  • How to define what to offer within your package/s
  • How to price the packages
  • Guidance with visuals to help promote them
  • Tips on how to make sure you’re not over or under charging
  • How to market the packages so they sell
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What’s the Return on my £29 Investment?


Great question. On average, those who do this course end up at least doubling their income over a 6-12 month period.

I firmly believe every investment needs a return and once you’ve implemented the steps in this course you will recoup your investment from your first sale.

Sell more and your return on investment keeps increasing.

I’d always wanted to package my services but didn’t know how or where to start and was worried about charging too little. This step by step course made it so easy and now I don’t sell anything on an hourly rate as it makes financial sense to me to have everything as packages.

Donna W

Turning some of my services into packages meant I no longer had to worry about going back to work if I lost some clients as I was bringing in more money every month and could save for that rainy day.

Laura M

Remember, it’s just £29, yours for life and you’ll recoup the investment in no time.

WARNING: This is not one of those courses you’ll buy and never implement, because I’ve made it so easy.


How long will the course take?

It’ll take you no longer than a day

How is the course delivered?
Will this just be another course I don't finish?

That’s entirely up to you, but you will have access for life.

Who is this course for?

For any service based business owner.

What equipment will I need to complete the course?
What is your refund policy?

As the course is delivered electronically immediately no refunds can be given. This is in accordance with UK government guidelines on digital products.

‘I can’t’… You Can!

‘But, Catherine, I’m always buying courses and never finish them.’

I hear you! That’s why, even though you could implement this six step course in less than a day, it’s yours for life.

‘I don’t have time to do this course’

It’ll take you no longer than a day. Nothing I impart is arduous, ever. Promise.

‘I wouldn’t know what services to package’

I take you through that in step two of the course.

‘I have no idea what I’d charge’

That’s what lots of people worry about, so that’s covered perfectly in step three.

What you need to do to reach your business goals - an analogy

Enough is enough!

Let’s convert those enquiries into paying clients.

About the Author


Oh, that’ll be me then. I’m Catherine Gladwyn, an expert business mentor and multi-award winning #1 bestselling author of two business books.

In 2018 The Independent newspaper listed my first book as one of ten best business books written by women and since then I have gone on to be featured in many national publications including The Guardian, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, etc.

Since becoming a business owner I have disrupted the virtual business world by being a huge champion of ensuring people charge what they’re worth and not giving too much of themselves away for free, and that’s one of the reasons I created this workbook.

Catherine x


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