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In a nutshell, I help business owners grow their business so it gives them the income, financial security, lifestyle and stress free life they desire and deserve.

I’m Catherine Gladwyn, an expert business mentor and multi-award winning #1 bestselling author of two no BS business books.

In 2018 The Independent newspaper listed my first book as one of ten best business books written by women and since then I have gone on to be featured in many national publications including The Guardian, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, etc.

Since becoming a business owner I have disrupted the virtual business world by being a huge champion of ensuring people charge what they’re worth and not giving too much of themselves away for free.

You might feel safer investing in me knowing that:


I trained as an FE lecturer in 2001. Training as a lecturer is one of the best ways to learn how to guide people and impart knowledge in such a way that you cater for many different ways of receiving information and being understanding of others lives.

Management – I successfully managed a team of 11 administrators for one of England’s biggest charities. No one died.

Adversity – As well as the recurring brain tumour I also live every day with Addison’s disease. I know that life sometimes gets in the way and also know the importance of ensuring your business is sustainable after having to have four months off late 2019 for the third sod to be removed.

That’s why I call myself a business mentor. I help people become the one people go to.

In March 2018 I published my now multi-award winning, bestselling book, How to be a Virtual Assistant. I wanted to show people it is possible to change your direction and build a happier, healthier working life, no matter how impossible it might seem. In 2019 I had my third brain tumour removed and what followed was a four month slow recovery.

How can you switch off from your business when you’re the only one bringing the money in?

I’d built my business knowing that the day might come when my tumour would return, so I built my business to ensure that before, during and after my surgery I didn’t need to worry about finances or my business being forgotten.

I’d built a safe, sustainable, profitable business and thus no loss of income followed.

I share how you can too in my second book, The 20% Rule. But also, I can guide you personally with my mentoring and together, we can ensure your business is safe, sustainable and profitable.

If you have any questions, then let me know.



I am regularly featured in the national press and media purely to help raise the profile of small business owners in the UK, including The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, iNews, Mail Online, Metro, BBC Wiltshire and BBC Radio Scotland. 

Amazon Number One Bestselling Author ~ How to be a Virtual Assistant (2018, 2019 and 2020) 

Amazon Bestselling Author – The 20% Rule (2020)

Winner: SMBN Awards Best Collaborator (2020) ~ Best Book for VAs Virtual Assistant Voice Awards (2020 and 2019) ~ Listed as one of ten best business books written by women in The Independent.

Finalist: Best Mentor (2021) ~ Finalist Women’s Business Conference (2020) ~ Positivity Award ~ Finalist in the Mpower Awards (2018) ~ Wiltshire Business Awards (2017) ~ Nominations: Community Maker Award 2020 – Women in Content Marketing Awards 2020 ~ Business Mum of the Year (2018).

‘You’re are such an inspiration without any of that online BS! Just a straight talking authentic gal!  Soooooo refreshing.’

Jo Cowling


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