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You Need To Be Seen As The Expert!

Far too often a lack of confidence and trusted support hold women back from building and growing the business they deserve.

My aim is to enable as many female virtual assistants to create the working life they deserve by providing them with the support, confidence, knowledge and know how to grow their business and income beyond even their expectations – all without overwhelm.

I’ve done it. I continue to do it.

You don’t need to know my exact income, but it’s five times what I could’ve ever earned as an employee. It’s enabled me to build a property portfolio. It’s enabled me to take four months out of my business with no loss of income.

And I can show you how to get there too.

With success stories of those who work with me quadrupling their income, getting fully booked, having waiting lists of clients, taking on a team and charging more than they ever thought they should / could, I am confident that you can achieve those things with me as your mentor too.

Are you ready to create the working life you deserve?

Book a Power Hour with me or go further and sign up for my 1:1 Business Accelerator Programme.


If someone wants what you sell, I want people to think of you!

As a business mentor, I’m here to help you build a business that not only works for you but is safe, sustainable and profitable!

Everything I impart is designed to help you build and grow your business without any stress or overwhelm.

My advice always comes from what I have tried and tested myself and what I have helped other business owners do with success.

I’m real, honest and have a strong desire to ensure that as many people as possible have an enjoyable, stress free working life.

‘You can have results or excuses – not both’

Multi-award winning author of Amazon #1 bestseller, How to be a VA and The 20% Rule – How to ensure your small business is safe, sustainable and profitable – both books are available worldwide on Amazon.

Catherine Gladwyn Recommended Expert Business Mentor Proven Success for Small Service Based Business Owners

Shall We Work Together?

Here are your options

Refocus Power Hour

Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’ve already started and now want to grow? 

As a successful VA and business mentor I am here to help you focus on the right things to get you where you need to be. You’re unique and so are your goals.

Wherever you are right now, we can work it out. There’s always a solution and we can find it together in a Refocus Power Hour. 1:1 you and me via Zoom.

Book your Power Hour here.

Business Growth Accelerator

We weren’t born knowing every aspect of running a business, so you’ve taught yourself in many areas but now it’s time to make sure the most important elements are done right by working with me over 70 days as your business mentor. We’ll focus on what needs to be done and what no longer needs your energy so that you can bring in more money, more profit and no longer feel overwhelmed.

This 70 day 1:1 mentoring programme is what your business needs, it’s what you deserve – you deserve peace of mind, you deserve and need a sustainable, profitable business, you do not need to be waking up at 4am in a panic or walk into your office every morning thinking ‘now what?’.

Even after our first session; you’ll feel invigorated and at the end of the 70 days you’ll have everything in place for you to simply run your business, look after your existing clients and have leads coming to you without you having to reduce your prices or spend hours on social media, your life is less overwhelming and your profit margins are up.

It’s just what you’ve been looking for, isn’t it?

Find out more here.

Success Stories and Case Studies

Read Case Studies here and Success Stories here

When I first joined Catherine’s group mentoring I was new to business and was bringing in around £350 a month. By working with Catherine and implementing her advice to help me reach my unique business goals I have seen an increase of 671% – that’s not a typo!

Running my own business full time allows me to manage my health, work from our second home in France at any time and I get to work with people who enhance every day

Lisa Porto

Yvonne Hemmings has so far increased her income by 84% after implementing advice on how to grow and build her business while in my group mentoring.

Yvonne picks who she wants to work with and has designed a business that enables her to have time off when she chooses, time away when she chooses and also affords her the luxuries she deserves.

Yvonne Hemmings

Carole Searle is earning three times as much as she was 12 months ago by implementing the advice I give to help her achieve the business goals that are unique to her. Carole has built enormous confidence and resilience and has even helped her husband launch his own business!

Carole’s business allows her to be at home for the children when needed and manage her health.

Carole Searle


'I don't think you realise how many people now have a successful business because of you and your book.'


'I'm enjoying the heatwave - relaxing with a cup of tea and your brilliant new book on my kindle.'


'Thanks for your help – you are very easy to talk to I have to say and I’m not at all comfortable in front of the camera and you made it so easy for me to do this.'


'When I joined the group my monthly income was £264. Five months on it's £1800 (that's a seven times growth - 680%) and growing. I've attributed this to the members only live audit on how to write prospect emails.'


'You are one serious kick-ass woman!'


'I love this book - it's on my desk always close to hand Catherine! It was instrumental to me starting up and well worth it. Thank you!'


'I already feel so supported & I can't explain how good it is to be (virtually) surrounded by likeminded people who aren't based in countries I've never even heard of.'


'Catherine, firstly can I just say a big thank you for kicking this back in my court and making me do the work myself, with some encouragement. I've got some great ideas and as I have already said, my lightbulb moment was understanding that I don't need to discount my hourly rate and business owners do like the flexibility.'


'I am in Catherine's private membership group and it is an amazing place to be. The support and all round goodness of people is wonderful. Even though we are all business owners there never feels like there is any competition. Just many people supporting each other. Catherine is a fantastic trainer and she really cares about each and every one of us.'


'When I heard of Catherine opening up a paid-for membership - that was going to focus on working 'on your business' to elevate you to expert status - I kinda knew this was exactly what I needed, but I was drowning in work, and just didn't think I had time (or the need) to join. But actually it was EXACTLY what I needed. It's supportive and the most important, it gets you charging expert prices!'


'Joining the Expert Membership has been one of the best decisions I've made in my business. Catherine is generous with her expertise, leads an active and incredibly supportive online community, and hosts really helpful masterminds, co-working sessions and group calls. The membership is my secret weapon! It's a constant source of motivation, amazing support and down-to-earth business advice.'



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