‘It is no understatement to say that Catherine Gladwyn has made me the person I am today.

In 2018, after a period of voluntary unemployment to enable me to care full time for my disabled daughter, I started my own Virtual Assistance business, supporting business owners with various tasks online. Shortly after my tentative start, I discovered Catherine, and absolutely loved her no-nonsense attitude, and the fact that she walks the walk by continuing to run her own Virtual Assistance business, and all this with considerable health issues.

Catherine’s advice, encouragement and support enabled me to find my feet in the VA world, and also my wings to fly higher and want to build on my skills so that I could specialise and increase my worth. Since starting to work with Catherine, my turnover has increased by an incredible 95%! I am at capacity for taking on new work, have a waiting list and have hired my own VA support to enable me to work more efficiently.

When I heard that Catherine’s VA membership was to close, I was sad, as it was filled with wonderful people with whom I’d made real connections; Catherine had cultivated a place where there was no judgement, only support. Our own cheer squad. However, when she announced that she was launching a new group mentoring programme, not solely for VAs but for all types of business owners, I didn’t even hesitate to sign up, and have been so pleased that many of the ‘squad’ have also joined.

The opportunities that Catherine provides in the group are incredible. She sources amazing professionals to give masterclasses on various aspects of running a business, provides training to enable not only financial growth, but personal growth, and, most importantly of all, she’s THERE. She is present and active in the group and is only a message away. This kind of support is invaluable to small business owners.

When Catherine asked if I’d be interested in reading her latest book, The 20% Rule, I couldn’t wait to get started! I knew how hard she’d been working on it and knew that the business advice within would be spot on. She didn’t disappoint! I was more than happy to write an early review and excited to see my words reproduced in the final version. The book challenges businesses owners to really consider how their business works for them and to ensure that it’s sustainable into the future, whatever that may look like, using methods that she has used herself while preparing to take time off to recover from surgery. I’m sure the book has helped numerous businesses to weather the storm of a global pandemic!

I am currently working with Catherine as my mentor on a 1:1 basis, and I don’t want our time together to end! She has made such an effort to get to know me and how my business fits in with my family life, and uses that knowledge to help me grow and develop further. She is great at pushing me further out of my comfort zone, but recognising the challenges that may arise from this too.

Catherine is a supporter of people. She really cares. She doesn’t just look like she’s interested in your business, she really IS interested, and uses that to enable her to mentor many different types of people to run successful, sustainable businesses.’

Kelly Kemp

A word from Catherine….

Do you know what, we all get imposter syndrome from time to time, we get trolls making pointless comments online when we’re trying to ‘sell’ ourselves or champion a cause, and all these things can knock us back, but what Kelly has given me with this ‘review’ / ‘testimonial’ / ‘case study’ is something to remind me – for the next time I question anything – that there are people who you’re having an impact on and this is why I am sharing this here. Not just to remind myself, but to encourage others to keep a record of all the good they are doing as well. We must share the positive stories and not leave them hiding away so that we can read them and remind ourselves that we are making a difference, we are good enough and what we’re doing is changing people’s lives. Kelly is a really special person and working with her has changed me too, for the better.