You know when you get a notification on your phone and can only see part of the message? Well, one weekend morning a Twitter notification popped up on my phone and all I could see was: ‘I don’t think you realise how many people…’

I immediately thought, oh here we go, someone’s having a Saturday morning pop. So I opened the Tweet ready for a fight and to my surprise it wasn’t someone giving me some life advice I hadn’t asked for, it was Lyndsey saying:

‘I don’t think you realise how many people now have a successful business because of you and your book.’

And that is the first time Lyndsey came under my radar. She was a relatively new business owner at this point, a Virtual Assistant, after her boss at the time couldn’t afford to bring her back after maternity leave as he had employed someone on a perm contract rather than temporary to cover me whilst she was on maternity leave and then couldn’t afford both of them when she asked if she could return early due to her husband’s redundancy.

Now, that’s the background let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this 108% revenue increase.

In summary:

In November 2019 Lyndsey invoiced £1400

In November 2020 Lyndsey invoiced £2197, is at her growth ceiling for work she can do and is just taking on a team to work with her so she can earn even more money but not have to do any more work herself!

How has this happened?

Lyndsey worked with me as a mentee in my membership and the first thing we worked on was confidence. She’s damn good at what she does, but coming from an employed role can often make us question our prices, and after years of being in a horrid work environment, our perceived ability to do something on your own. I spent time helping Lyndsey realise she was good enough – by reflecting on all that she’d already achieved in her business – all too often things become second nature and we don’t give ourselves enough credit for how far we’ve come and the change we’ve made to people’s lives.

There was also a bit of ‘look at what they’re doing’ and comparing herself thinking she wasn’t good enough, so we focused regularly on all the positives she was achieving and there were a lot. I never falsely cheerlead people, far from it – but I can find a positive in many a situation for my mentees to focus their minds on.

Have a Zoom call with Lyndsey and you could talk to her all day. She’s engaging, funny and knowledgable. Ask her to write some social media posts, or content for her website, around what she does and she’ll disappear faster than Boris Johnson during a pandemic. This had to change. How can people buy from you if you don’t tell them what it is you sell? We worked on defining what result she wanted from her content – sales obviously, and we discussed the change she makes by delivering her services and worked backwards to start creating some social media content. Initially, it took Lyndsey about an hour to write one sales posts – she’s now much more confident to sell her services and is selling it, as you’ll read in a moment.

As with all new business owners Lyndsey wasn’t charging enough for her services, possibly still in the employee mindset of low hourly rates. We worked together to compare the prices of other business owners in her sector and discussed the reasons why she needed to up them – to work less hours, to not look cheap and unreliable – being just a few examples of why they needed to go up.

Overwhelm! As a result of her increased social media presence and a price that makes her stand amongst the best in her sector, Lyndsey was now busy. The pandemic hit – the children were at home and she’s working every spare hour until late at night getting client work done. I suggested to Lyndsey, as I do to all mentees that are too busy – that we up her prices again. Lyndsey hates me at this point as it’s well out of her comfort zone, she almost does it but ups them below my suggestion. The result, Lyndsey is still busy, working all hours but not quite earning enough to think about taking on a team of her own to free up some of her time.

So after a 1:1 we discussed her goals of having a team and working less hours – both of which could be achieved by putting the prices up – I made some threats – and she upped her prices properly. Within a week she had sold her services at that new price and along came a flurry of enquiries off the back of an increased social media presence.

Lyndsey now has a team supporting her client work, earning her passive income and leaving the growth ceiling at infinity. Is Lyndsey real or just some made up brilliant case study? I assure you, Lyndsey is real. Connect with her here on LinkedIn.

Like I said, Lyndsey is currently on a 108% increase in revenue. I can’t wait to ask her what she invoices next November!

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