Meet Hayley, the most lovely human being. You just know if you met her in person she’d make everything okay with her calm, kind nature. You know you could tell her anything and she’d make a way to make things better and easier for you.

Which is why, it’ll come as no surprise that she’s got a career in HR behind her. She was made for that kind of environment.

But, that environment no longer worked for her.

Hayley is Mum to two boys, one of which has special educational needs, so commands a little more time and sometimes school isn’t the best place for him so he needs to be at home with Mum (Hayley).

This is why Hayley started her own business back in January 2019, but initially broke onto the scene marketing herself as a VA. Now, we all know there are lots of VAs and you HAVE to stand out to get yourself earning enough to survive.

But how?

By having a niche.

How we defined Hayley’s niche to enable her to stand out

Together, Hayley and I looked at her background – which as you now know is HR – and we defined her niche to be someone who supports HR consultants with their admin, because Hayley gets it, she’s been in that environment, she’s got the qualifications.

So, this is now how Hayley promotes herself and she stands out from those VAs who offer diary management and admin to anyone.

Now, I am not saying you also need to niche to a certain sector because that might not be right for you or that audience might not have the income to pay for your services. For example, anyone who supported people solely in the health and wellness sector when the pandemic hit were left high and dry because those sectors had to close for long periods.

Your niche might be your services, but if they’re services that lots of people offer you need to stand out in others ways. With your content being one of them.

This is what I help my mentees achieve – clarity and confidence – amongst other things. And it pays off…

Doubling her income

When Hayley first started her mentoring journey with me she was invoicing around £639.50 a month and this month (March 2021 – just as we come out of lockdown two in the middle of a global pandemic) Hayley has invoiced 203% more than she ever has.

This is why having a niche can help you stand out and pays off financially so you can feel less overwhelmed and confident that you have an income that supports the lifestyle you want to live.

I’ve seen her confidence soar and her brilliant sense of humour shines through. She’s one to watch!

Find out more about Hayley over on her website.