Success Stories

It’s all very well me saying how great my membership is or how much I can help you grow your business, but what really matters is results.

Here are a few…

When I first joined Catherine’s membership I was new to business and was bringing in around £350 a month. By working with Catherine and implementing her advice to help me reach my unique business goals I have seen an increase of 671% – that’s not a typo!

Running my own business full time allows me to manage my health, work from our second home in France at any time and I get to work with people who enhance every day

Lisa Porto

Before working with Catherine my confidence around whether I could make my business work was quite fragile. After implementing Catherine’s solid advice around knowing my worth, keeping active with my marketing, getting known for what I do and believing in myself I am surrounded by amazing clients and am earning four times what I did when I first became a member.

Meg Small

When I first started working with Catherine, I only had a couple of clients and wasn’t getting any referrals or much interest from new clients. I was flailing around desperately trying to do what I thought were the right things to do in order to gain clients, move my business forward and increase my monthly income. I wasn’t confident in being visible or in my ability to be a successful online business owner.

Catherine’s expertise made me realise that I needed to be a lot more focused, consistent and clear in both my marketing and my business goals. She also instilled the importance of the 20% rule and that no client should take up more than 20% of my time. This has been invaluable to me & I can often hear her voice in my ear if I see an opportunity posted online. 

Since working with Catherine, my monthly income has quadrupled. I am confident in promoting my business and the services I offer. She also helped me see that comparing my business to other’s is a complete waste of time, it’s my journey – no-one else’s. My client list has grown beyond belief and I now even receive new clients via referrals which was one of my main goals.

I can’t thank Catherine enough for her support, encouragement and knowledge which has been invaluable to the growth of my business.

Emma Rowley

I’ve just done a review of my business for the 1st financial quarter of this year and, while I probably should have been working, I needed to stop and send this email to thank you for all your support and advice over the past however long I’ve been in the group.

I’ve worked out that in the first three months alone I’ve increased my income by 52% based on this time last year. This has made me realise that I can do it.

I’ve had more enquiries coming through as well as referrals from existing clients. In addition to this I have followed up on more leads on Facebook using your process and have gained work from this too.

But wait, there’s more… By stepping outside my comfort zone I have found that my confidence in myself and my business has increased and dealing with rejection isn’t something I worry about any more. In fact, my goal now isn’t to get x new clients or leads a month, it’s to get X rejections instead because that way even if I don’t get a new client that month, I’ve still hit my goal.

So thank you again.

Debbie Binnersley

Yvonne has so far increased her income by 84% after implementing advice on how to grow and build her business while in my membership.

Yvonne picks who she wants to work with and has designed a business that enables her to have time off when she chooses, time away when she chooses and also affords her the luxuries she deserves.

Yvonne Hemmings

I realise that being in business means I have to keep on top of everything (marketing, sales, client work, home life, my health, etc.) and not get complacent in order to keep my business safe and the referrals and the client work coming in.
Before working with Catherine and having that constant reminder and accountability it was easy to let things slip.
Karen Tait

Through Catherine’s membership I landed a new client – I am absolutely delighted as is 100% my ideal client and work. 

That’s now three regular clients I have got as a result of being in the membership and becoming known for what I do.

The membership is the best ROI ever, full stop.

Katy Akele

Catherine and I work alongside each other, but I also like to let her flex her bossyness on me sometimes – it gives her a lift.

On one of those occasions, after nodding for a few months at her ‘demands’, I upped the price of my very under utilised Power Hours… I think I’d sold one when they were £50… Now they’re £75 and I seem to be doing at least one or two a week!! Who’d a thought it.

Jo Francis

Before I joined Catherine’s membership, I was working with 3 clients (the main one took up at least 75% of my time).  I was busy but knew I needed to find more clients and mix things up a little – what if my main client didn’t need me anymore?

Being in the membership gives me focus, we have access to online teaching, lives, masterminds, templates, guides and Catherine herself. All of which help me to grow my business so it’s safe, sustainable and profitable.

I’m also very aware of Catherine’s 20% rule and really upped my social media presence this year as I was worried about my main client taking up too much of my time.  I’ve now work with 11 active clients and the work is equally spread out. I feel as though my brand is getting recognised now, I’m receiving more enquiries via social media and through my website and Catherine has been a huge part of that success in believing in me and always reminding me that I’m brilliant at what I do – sometimes you need that encouragement, it’s a busy online world out there now and you have to stand out and be good at what you do – which I know I am.

Kellie Simpson

Catherine’s mentoring has got me to refocus and given me my confidence back. We have laughs and banter but at the same time we’re expected to put in hard work. The membership is packed full of useful information and helpful resources and Catherine is regularly on hand to impart her own expertise and knowledge of the industry.

In twelve months my income increased by 108%. Read more about that in this case study.
Lyndsey Lee

Carole Searle is earning three times as much as she was 12 months ago by implementing the advice I give to help her achieve the business goals that are unique to her. Carole has built enormous confidence and resilience and has even helped her husband launch his own business!

Carole’s business allows her to be at home for the children when needed and manage her health.

Carole Searle

I had created a new exciting service for my business and wanted to attract new customers, obviously. But I felt I needed to ask potential clients questions before I could give them a price, which meant they would need to contact me.

Catherine suggested this was a little too much effort for people and also a bit awkward as people might think I’m out of their price range or not realise how much my services are worth.

I toyed with the idea of having a ‘starting from’ pricing, but Catherine said no again.

Instead, she suggested I have three offerings, three different prices all with clear details on what the services provide.

This makes it so much easier for people and makes it easier for me to talk about my pricing too.

Amy Nolan

Sometimes you need to invest to start seeing a change. I know it’s scary, I have been there, but if you aren’t afraid to put in the hard work and you truly love what you do the investment will see a return. It’s so achievable to reach and exceed your unique goals and so much easier when you’re guided kindly, correctly and with support from someone who’s been there and doing it.

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